Year 7-10


Gifted & Talented Programs.

Diverse Curriculum.

Extra- Curricular Actvities


Innovation In Teaching and Learning

Student Leadership Programs

iLearn - Self Directed Learning Time


Celebrating Individual and School Achievements

Promoting Excellence, Respect & Responsibility

Welcoming School Environment

High Quality Teaching

A Culture of High Expectations

Strong Professional Learning Program

Welcome to Callaghan College Waratah Technology Campus

Waratah Technology Campus is a school of EXCELLENCE, INNOVATION, OPPORTUNITY and CARE providing quality learning for students in Years 7-10. The campus is part of Callaghan College which is a leader in the provision of outstanding educational and training opportunities. Waratah Technology Campus is a proud member of the Callaghan Education Pathways, a learning community uniting the college campuses and partner primary schools to provide specialised learning environments and a smooth continuum of learning for students K-12. Our school takes pride in five main aspects:

1. A POSITIVE, SAFE & CARING ENVIRONMENT: we are a proud and welcoming school that promotes excellence, respect and responsibility and that celebrates individual and school achievements.

2. HIGH EXPECTATIONS FOR EXCELLENCE IN LEARNING: including a strong professional learning program for staff which ensures high quality teaching within a culture of high expectations, leading to tangible academic success.

3. INNOVATIVE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: including iLearn lessons, portfolio presentations, student leadership programs and a team teaching environment.

4. INDIVIDUALISED, DIVERSE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES: including a wide range of curriculum subjects, gifted/talented programs, accelerated classes and extra-curricula opportunities.

5. CALLAGHAN COLLEGE – A COLLABORATIVE LEARNING COMMUNITY: which involves the advantages that come with the teamwork and sharing of 18 schools in the learning community.